Hello Essential Oils

I decided to get into this oil thing my friend Alicia was talking about last month.  She’d been talking about them for quite some time.  Part of the reason was that I have a dog problem. I live in a 3 bedroom apartment where I am helping my daughter and son-in-law get on their feet. They have a puppy who is not house trained. We have no backyard and suffice it to say that clean up is on-going.  So, I decided what the heck, let me get some oils to help my house smell less like a dog and more like someplace I want to live.

I got several oils and a diffuser which I started using immediately.  That’s all great if a little boring after a while.  Alicia had me over to her house yesterday where we made a foot soak and this Coffee Mint scrub.  I really like how the coffee mint scrub made my hands soften up.  It got me to looking for recipes online last night.  The amount of recipes and things you can make with essential oils is overwhelming.

I did find some people who were absolutely furious that people even use oils and think they are not being used appropriately.  I look at all the chemicals I use in daily life just for cleaning the apartment. Not sure what the difference is in the arguments on both sides about these products.  In my thinking, at least the oils smell better than a lot of their mainstream counterparts. Well, in most cases LOL.  Anyways, with that said, I’m going to attempt to go through recipes and mixtures and compare what I make with what I buy to see what is cost effective and what makes me feel better about myself and the environment around me.

Alicia lent me her Reference Guide for Essential Oils. I’m browsing through it.  Just the other day I had a huge migraine and she suggested putting some Peppermint oil on my temples. I could feel the relief pretty quickly.  I was impressed.  I’m purchasing my own reference guide from Life Science Products and Publishing.

So hello essential oils.  I went with Young Living Oils because that’s what Alicia uses.  I do note that there are other companies out there that sell them and that there are other modes of distribution. Some companies have less oil variations and other types of mixtures of oils for different purposes. I might do some comparison type articles if I run out of recipes to blog about.

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