Night Cream

A night cream can double the skin’s moisture and support anti-aging benefits. Night creams won’t be absorbed by your skin as quickly as most day lotions, and are usually much richer in texture. This intensive treatment allows you to keep your skin looking more youthful for a longer period of time.

How to apply night cream
To apply the right amount of night cream for your skin, you should start by using the “5 dot method.” Start by pumping your night cream onto your fingertips.

Put a dot of product on your forehead, nose, chin and each cheek (5 dots). Once the dots are on, simply massage your night cream into your skin in an upward and outwards motion. Once all of the product has been massaged into your skin, do a self-assessment and see if you need additional product. If you do, just add some more until you are content. Before long, you will know exactly how much product to apply and you won’t have to use the 5 dot method anymore.

Treat your neck as an extension of your face and be sure to apply night cream there as well. Your neck can be a sure give away to your actual age so let’s keep it hydrated by using all of our skin care products on this area as well.

Essential Oil Night Cream


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